Elo​choman Sough Marina

W9 Form

This form is a request for taxpayers identification number and certification for vendors hired as independent contractors.

Please fill out form and mail,fax or e-mail to

 Wahkiakum Port District No.1 

500 2nd Street, Cathlamet, WA 98612

Office 360-795-3501

Alternate Number 360-200-3500

Fax 360-795-3378




 (October 1 to February 28)

Winter Hours

Monday to Friday:

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

(March 1 to September 30)

Summer Hours

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

For Events 

*(or) Fax the same information to 360-795-3378

*(or) Mail requested information to 500 2nd Street, Cathlamet, WA 98612


Elochoman Marina

River Mile 38

500 2nd Street Cathlamet, Washington 98612


Alternative (360)-200-3500

Fax (360)795-3378


The Elochoman Marina is operated by Wahkiakum Port District No.1 a Municipal Corporation.